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We’re a dedicated group of software and business consulting professionals who use our experience, ingenuity, and integrity to push our clients towards their business goals. The collective experience of the team spans decades as well as a wide range of industries, business functions and technologies. Browse our profiles to get to know the knowledgeable, talented individuals who may be in charge of your next project.


ERTechnologies is more than just a software team; we are an extension of your business and committed to your growth and success with every interaction. Whether you are evaluating software for your business, interested in NetSuite ERP, or looking for an Manufacturing NetSuite partner to assist on a new project, our team is here for you.

Haynel Rose

Haynel Headshot

Haynel Rose is the CEO of Enterprise Resource Technologies. He found the company in January 2001 with the mission to help businesses leverage technology for process improvement. “My passion is to make things work and improve businesses.” With an MBA from Indiana University and an extensive amount of experience in cloud manufacturing, Haynel brings his expertise and vast knowledge in Enterprise Resource Planning to help his clients’ businesses succeed. Through a “shop floor to top floor” approach, he utilizes technology to help leverage and empower manufacturing businesses that adds value to the company. Haynel strives to bring innovative and creative business solutions to the table for small and mid-sized American manufacturers.

Jennifer Perez

Jenny Headshot

Jennifer Perez is the Head of Finance and Accounting at Enterprise Resource Technologies. After receiving her degree in Economics at Claremont McKenna College, she sought opportunities to grow in the technology industry. At Enterprise Resource Technologies, Jennifer is helping businesses maximize efficiency through the implementation of NetSuite ERP Software. Her experience with other software has allowed her to understand the importance and impact that NetSuite, an integrated cloud based software, can have on a company’s growth prospects.

Jeff Gallo

Jeff Headshot

Jeff Gallo is the Head of Sales at Enterprise Resource Technologies. Interested in technology and the digital era, he is motivated to help companies update their business practices to stay efficient, relevant, and up to date. “Working for a leader in software manufacturing, I strive to help businesses find their true potential.” Jeff is currently pursuing an MBA at Chapman University in digital marketing. With years of experience in Sales, he helps connect businesses to the wealth of services and expertise that ERTechnologies has in the manufacturing industry. To foster the ultimate client experience, Jeff makes sure that every client at the company feels cared for through the implementation of the ERP software.  

Emily Ha

Emily Headshot

Emily Ha is the Business Development and Marketing Intern at Enterprise Resource Technologies. She is currently a fourth-year undergraduate student at UC Irvine – pursuing a degree in Business Economics and Public Health Policy. Seeking professional development opportunities, she loved the challenging and supportive environment that is offered at ERTechnologies to help her grow. Since she started working at the company, she has learned the ins and outs of Enterprise Resource Planning and how it helps businesses grow. “I love connecting businesses with our software and empowering them with tech.” Emily loves to communicate with different businesses, build brand presence, and strengthen client relationships to contribute to the vision of transforming the manufacturing industry through tech.