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Modern Cloud for the Enterprise

Enable Efficient and Productive Manufacturing Operations in the Cloud:

Use Manufacturing Cloud to streamline your processes through visualization, back-flushed transactions, and social collaboration, while controlling costs. The Supply Chain to stay ahead of challenges and changes in your business with Supply Chain Planning Cloud. Proactively devise revenue growth and cost reduction strategies, and consistently execute them with enterprise-wide alignment.

Logistics to manage all warehousing needs and transportation modes within and across borders to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and ensure compliance. Get comprehensive visibility and management of material flows, warehouse work, and product costs across the supply chain with Inventory and Cost Management Cloud.

Modern Supply Chain

  • Plan Material and Capacity –  showcase or POC environment to demonstrate cloud services and build momentum internally.
  • Monitor Performance understanding and bring consensus cross organizations. Educate infrastructure owners, developers and application architects on key product features and their value to your organization.
  • Respond to Changes
  • Demand Driven Enterprise – Sense Demand, Predict demand and Shape demand
  • knowledge transfer through a hands-on product architecture and feature, functionality deep-dive.


Modern Logistics and Transportation

  • Deliver Excellent Service – Optimize routing and fulfill the order perfectly to improve delivery times and seamlessly collaborate with customers, suppliers, and partners.
  • Go Global – Manage your operations centrally, execute locally, and scale to support your growing global organization.
  • See Into Your Supply Chain – Embedded analytics allow you to see all of your logistics and trade information from any device.
  • Simplify The Cloud – Deploy rapidly, reduce costs, and stay connected.
  • Develop the high-level architectural blueprints needed to consider implementation options and identify the operational and technical critical success factors


Global Inventory

  • Comprehensive Materials Management – Complete receiving, inventory management, and shipping .
  • Manage Global Intercompany Transactions – Flexibly manage trade between internal parties.
  • Configurable and Flexible Costing – Easily configure to meet business needs.
  • Advanced Fulfillment Capabilities – Efficiently manage complex fulfillment processes.



  • Optimize and Integrate Your Manufacturing, Planning, and Fulfillment Processes with Manufacturing Cloud
  • Cost and profitability,  Visibility and agility,  Collaboration and innovation
    Review candidate and impact findings. Consider technical, operational, and financial analysis.
  • Efficient, Productive Manufacturing – Manage production, Quickly view status and take action. Create and manage work orders. Print production documents, such as travelers and parts lists. View history and collaborate with coworkers
  • Execute production – Simplify shop floor execution – Enforce and manage serialized work orders with integrated bar coding capabilities. Report orderless completions to support Lean manufacturing
  • Review work order and operation performance – Monitor work order and operations exceptions. Access all production tasks. Provide transaction history of material and resource usage. Offer detailed reporting and summarized view/status with  plant-level insight

Cost Management

  • Cost and Profitability Analysis -Perform complex, multi-dimensional profitability analyses and maximize margins by rapidly slicing and dicing historical, planned, and forecasted sales data.
  • Derive Accurate Costs – Synthesize planning costs across multiple manufacturing locations, processes, and contract manufacturers to derive “should cost”.
  • Optimize Operational Costs and Working Capital – Create unlimited cost scenarios, perform comparisons, and drill deep into product costs to identify cost outliers and tradeoffs.
  • Identify Most Profitable Product Mix –  Perform cost and profitability analyses to identify the most profitable product mix and break-even point, in real time.


Cloud ERP for Manufacturers and Distributors
Cloud offers Oracle ERP software as a service (SaaS) model to deliver full-blown manufacturing ERP software functions in cloud model. Cloud web-based ERP solution, requirs only a web browser to access all of the analysis and management functions of a full-featured manufacturing ERP system, designed to meet the requirements of all departments within a quality-driven manufacturing operation in-house or outsourced. No hardware or software installations are required.

Cloud/SaaS solutions can be “customized” to meet the exact requirements of individual companies and departments. With the Cloud model, however, those customizations immediately become part of the core software functionality, and are never obsoleted with the next release or upgrade.

Cloud takes into account some key considerations in our delivery. Each customer has a dedicated instance that is protected in a robust compliance regulated SAS70 Type II environment that is audited regularly.

  • Scalability: Each customer is in a dedicated instance with the capability to grow as needed.
  • User-Friendliness: Our browser-based system is very user friendly and shares many features with on premise systems.
  • Security and Protection of Customer Data: Our solution uses a customer dedicated environment to address most security and privacy concerns of customer data.
  • Extensibility: We support implementations that often require some customizations to accommodate customer-specific requirements. We maintain a rules framework methodology, with predefined business processes that can be configured to meet customer requirements and ensure that extensions and customization would carry forward to future versions of the software.