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ERTechnologies, Inc. helps businesses solve their problems today with the technology of tomorrow?

Whether you're about to replace old server equipment, need to improve performance reliability, or need better access to your network when outside of the office, we can help you implement a Cloud solution that works.

ERTechnologies, Inc. helps businesses solve their problems today with the technology of tomorrow?

Cloud enables you to free your business from traditional IT constraints. You no longer need to own and maintain servers, upgrade Office, or deal with downtime and poor performance. Cloud enables you to leverage super secure military grade data centers to house your entire network. Our Cloud clients can access all of their e-mail, apps, and data from any device, wherever they are in the world.

Why Cloud?

  • 24/7 access from any device
  • Keep your old desktops, even use dumb terminals
  • No more servers to manage
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Instant scalability, lower IT expenses

Starter Package

Comes with: All Hardware, Software, Mobile App, Backup & Disaster Recovery, Support and Maintenance.

Hardware with unlimited Memory, Storage and Bandwith

Software: Full Feature Microsoft 365 suite

Mobile App with Promotion, Loyalty Scheme and Geolocation features

Backup and Disaster Recovery


Upgrade Packages

Silver -Starter Package Plus

Gold -Silver Package Plus

Platinum - Gold Package Plus

All products and features are continuously upgraded to latest product specs and performance parameters with full security and robust enterprise capabilities

Package Features include selections from the following:

  • Mobile Applications with - Promotion, Loyalty and Geo Location features. Basic Enterprise and Extended Enterprise features. Customized to meet your needs as desired.
  • Enterprise - Ordering, Scheduling, Payments, Shipping, Warehousing, Financials, Time, Expenses, Billing, Contracts, Project Management
  • One,Two or Three year contract based on Plan, upgrade anytime, Add options to suit
  • ERTechnologies is partnered Amazon Web Services a proven platform which delivers a business's entire network from secure data centers. We are able to virtualize your entire business network (software, data, e-mail, etc.) and stream everything to the device of your choice, 24/7, wherever you are in the world. Employees simply access their secure Web Portal from almost any browser based on the security settings you allow.

    ERT specializes in innovating and integrating various components that make up the Cloud to create a standardized solution for end users.

    Signature Cloud solutions are ERT Cloud Space and ERT Portal. ERT Cloud Solutions are designed as an alternative to purchasing, building and securing Private Clouds.

    Utilizing best in class Amazon AWS (Amazon Web Services), our solutions come with at least a 99.999999999% uptime guarantee, while tests upon our architecture show far superior performance of applications than on-premises installations.

    To learn more about how ERTechnologies

    can help your business implement a Cloud solution, contact us today.

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