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Value Chain Planning

Dealing with today's global economy and complex business environment, you require close to real time visibility to respond quickly to increased demand volatility and unexpected supply chain events.

Customer-centric demand driven planning improve customer service levels while reducing costs, thus positively impacting growth and profitability. Using a world class planning processes with global collaborative framework, built-in analytics, companies can achieve rapid decision making and continuously monitor the impact of those decisions at all levels in the organization.

Key Modules

Real-time demand sensing and shaping for revenue grow: Sense demand closer to the point of consumption with real-time visibility to demand even;Improve forecast accuracy through advanced analytics and improved consensus forecasting;Shape demand via integrated promotions planning;Manage new product introductions and marketing to shape demand and maximize revenue

Profitable alignment of supply and demand to achieve corporate goals: Maximize sales and improve execution by balancing supply and demand in a continuous S&OP process;Connect financial and operational planning via integrated business planning;Quickly simulate alternate business scenarios;Involve all key decision makers in an integrated iterative process.

Improved agility and responsiveness to supply chain events: Design your supply chain for velocity and agility;Plan your extended value chain with holistic supply planning and scheduling;Quickly respond to supply chain events with event-driven planning.

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