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Oracle has released The Modern ERP Cloud for Supply Chain. This release introduces modern business practices through faster employee adoption of processes, connectivity through social media and significant cost reductions. All to dramatically reducing cost, increased market growth and focus to delight more customers.

To help organizations manage the complexities of global business environments, Oracle Modern ERP Cloud has significant enhancements across an integrated suite of business applications and platforms with greater capabilities that enables organizations to fast ramp employees productivity, make better decisions, reduce costs and increase performance.

Oracle Modern ERP Cloud SIGNUP

The Oracle Modern ERP Cloud is:

Open - Choice of languages, databases, compute types, tools, and many Open Source 3rd party option.
Modern - Build cool, modern apps using the latest technologies, architectures, and development method and tools.
Easy - Oracle Cloud platform offers developers a fast, easy and flexible application development.
Enterprise Grade - You just want to code better, smarter and faster. Oracle Cloud takes care of the platform so you can focus on what you do best.

The proven path of hosting E-Business Suite environment by many organizations is the in-house hosting approach which requires upfront investment and ongoing maintenance costs. This approach is not scalable and flexible enough for rapidly changing business needs. Cloud is the go-to solution in this case. The robust and complex architectures of Oracle E-Business Suite can be seamlessly handled in the cloud with all features and security in place. Oracle EBS on cloud can help organizations with its scalability, elasticity and performance at much lower costs.

ERTechnologies, an Oracle Gold Partner provides reliable and secure Oracle Modern ERP SCM hosting and management services on cloud with both Oracle and Amazon Web Services.

In this lab, you will get access to a dedicated ERP Cloud Supply Chain environment specifically created for you to explore the product enhancements.