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Product Information Management (PIM) Data Hub - A Sense of Urgency

Ever since I started with Oracle Advanced Product Catalog in 2003, I felt strongly that it delivers a great value because it can provide deep insight into products for any manufacturing or service enterprise, if implemented well.  As the product evolved from the Advanced Product Catalog into the Product Information Management (PIM) Data Hub, Oracle’s Product Master Data Management (MDM) strategy piece fell into place. The Agile acquisition did confuse the customers in terms of productMore....

Posted by : Admin | Posted Date : 03/17/2013

Oracle PIM Data Hub Vs. Item Master

 I have been asked this question time and time again – “Why do you need a dedicated MDM solution now when all this time IT has been able to help businesses with product attributes as descriptive Flexfields, custom designed tables or other stitched up solutions?” Well, most of us who have been working with Item Master in the past have been forced to utilize the application’s unintended features creatively to store product attributes in Categories, Cross References, More....

Posted by : Admin | Posted Date : 03/17/2013

Oracle Production Scheduling vs. Oracle Manufacturing Scheduling

 After Oracle’s acquisition of JD Edwards in 2006, Oracle has been promoting the best-in-class Production Scheduling (PS) software for all the obvious reasons. While more and more customers are adopting Oracle Production Scheduling to remove bottlenecks and improve performance on the shop floor, some manufacturing companies are still wondering why they should switch from Oracle’s Old Manufacturing Scheduling to Production Scheduling? Here are the main reasons:  OrMore....

Posted by : Admin | Posted Date : 03/17/2013

A Case for Oracle Business Intelligence

Blog Coming Soon!

Posted by : Admin | Posted Date : 03/17/2013

Production Scheduling : The Shopfloor Mantra

 Introduction Oracle Production Scheduling is a tool for schedulers designed by the scheduler. Production Scheduling (PS) is Oracle’s latest tool for Shopfloor Operations / Resources Scheduling optimization. It enables you to take control of your production scheduling and helps you to maximize shopfloor throughput while optimizing resource investment. Using PS, you can optimize the usage of your critical resources, calculate realistic & feasible schedules that the shopfloor canMore....

Posted by : Admin | Posted Date : 01/23/2013

Packaging and Labeling Solution using Oracle Agile PLM/PIM Data Hub

 Summary In the global supply chain environment, real-time product information, cost, and speed are key parameters in deciding the success and failure of strategies like time to market and time to volume. Packaging and labeling is one important area that can have direct impact on design, storage, warehousing, transportation and handling costs as well as the tracking and tracing of the products across the supply chain eco system from supplier to customer. This blog outlines some of More....

Posted by : Admin | Posted Date : 01/23/2013

Demantra Demand Management Implementation Overview

 Summary This blog provides a roadmap for the Demantra Demand Management Implementation. In this blog, I will discuss the key implementation steps and the most useful features/ functionality of the Demantra Demand Management that can be utilized to satisfy the client specific requirements while integrating with the Oracle EBS. Implementation Steps:       Data Collection from Oracle EBS     Sales Order information download to Demantra staMore....

Posted by : Admin | Posted Date : 01/11/2013

How to Improve ASCP Data Collection Perfomance

 Most of the companies using Oracle Advanced Planning Suite face performance issue with data collection. To improve performance of data collection it is important to understand the process of data collection. This document provides an insight to data collection process and then discusses some of the techniques to improve data collection performance. Contents of this white paper are as follows:       Why do we need Data Collection?     DefiMore....

Posted by : Admin | Posted Date : 01/09/2013

Demantra - Working Offline

Within Oracle Demantra Demand Management worksheet is the primary user interface, where user can view, filter, examine the data closely, also user can run the simulation, edit the data and save changes to database. This blog provides an insight to the most valuable advance features associated with Demantra worksheet ‘Working Offline’. Introduction to Demantra Offline  When using an active connection, Oracle Demantra Demand Management directly connects to database and alwayMore....

Posted by : Admin | Posted Date : 01/09/2013

Oracle Agile PLM 931 Installation on Linux

The components of Agile Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) application should be installed in the following order: 1) Agile Database 2) Agile Application Server 3) Agile File Manager 4) Agile Web Proxies Recommended configuration for the Agile PLM components is one machine for each of the following server components:     Agile PLM Database     Agile PLM Application Server Configuration can be changed to multiple components on one machine More....

Posted by : Admin | Posted Date : 01/09/2013

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