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ERTechnologies is the leading Oracle partner delivering the Oracle Manufacturing Cloud for manufacturers. ERT has pioneered cloud solutions for the shop floor, connecting suppliers, machines, people, systems, and customers with capabilities that are easy to configure, deliver continuous innovation, and reduce IT costs. With insight that starts on the production floor, we help manufacturers see, understand and uncover the value hidden in their Oracle technology investments by capturing unexpected opportunities to fuel growth and profitability in every aspect of their business ecosystems, enabling them to lead in ever-changing markets using Oracle technologies.

ERTechnologies delivers the value of real-time, accurate data reflecting production activity, planned production schedules, quality checks, machine breakdowns, inventory levels, and more in the Oracle Manufacturing Cloud.:

  • A comprehensive ERP solution that offers manufacturers a clear view of what is happening on their shop floor.
  • Truly integrated information from shop floor to top floor lets manufacturers increase productivity, decrease scrap, reduce total work-in-process inventory, reduce premium freight charges, and gain dramatic increases in production throughput.

An ERP that controls your Shop Floor
The power of plant floor visibility can be leveraged with an ERP solution that includes job/production management, process instructions, production scheduling, ultra-detailed real-time inventory control, tool tracking, production tracking, traceability and part genealogy, from a single database because everything is connected and synchronized. Increasing the visibility of all these domains so people who need the data can control their piece of the puzzle more effectively.
The increasing levels of automation with industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), allow significant data to be collected and used on the shop floor to control even the smallest activity. This allow teams to make better business control decisions.

“Capturing shop floor activity as it happens is a powerful way to increase overall visibility.”

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